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Children's sports complexes, slides, chutes,ladders for you (Ukraine)

T R A N S F O R M E R Children's sports complexes

The company sport-sistem.com.ua offers an unforgettable excursion into the world of colorful photos of our products. You will see various samples of children's sports complexes, slides, chutes,ladders, climbing frames. Different ways to build different models, unique in its combination.

Handmade authoring children's sports complexes for the house and the street. Metal robust construction, welded elements, bolting, separate blocks. The designer who is transformed into a different (sample form) children's sport complexes. 

sport-sistem.com.uar designer for the whole family, parents collect the Playground with your child dragging him into this interesting process thereby teaching to think constructively, correctly, the child develops in terms of thinking. When DSK is ready, our kids are happy to learn of the obstacles in their way. Ladders, slopes, rope,slides, rings all of these attachments are very interesting for kids. Parents can also use the DSC Transformer for sports, the Pull-UPS , push-UPS on the bars, abdominals,stretching and much more. sport-sistem.com.ua Convertible sports complex for the whole family.


We collaborate with other companies  (http://neposedam.com.ua) , we find together the best and most adequate solutions.

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